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Think Food Allergy: tools and resources for foodservice

Foodservice tools and resources

Please provide the required information below to access our fast, easy, and free foodservice tools and resources! We will keep you up to date as we continue to evolve our program.

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When employees are trained on the importance of food allergy it is not only a food safety checkbox, it builds a reputation for trust in your establishment! Check out some of our tools and resources below:

Food allergy toolkit for foodservice

The “how to” guide on foodservice resources, and how to kickstart your allergen management program

What is food allergy?

A 3 min training video for all foodservice employees on food allergy basics

Food allergy: Communicate Clearly

A poster that maps out the high-level steps to communication when serving a food allergic guest

What is food allergy?

1-page fact sheet that provides the basics on food allergy

What is anaphylaxis?

1-page fact sheet that highlights how to recognize the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, and how to respond

Standard Recipe Template

A fillable PDF that lists the recipes of the standardized menu items

Food allergen menu matrix

A fillable PDF that captures the priority food allergen information (“Contains” or “May contains”) for standardized menu items in a foodservice setting

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