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Allergy-friendly recipes

Discover delicious allergy-friendly recipes! Download the recipes and watch the recipe videos.

Allergy-friendly sushi

Below you will find allergy-friendly recipes from one of our past campaigns, a registered dietitian, and from a few of our adult with allergies bloggers. We hope you find these recipes as enjoyable to make as they are to eat! Yum yum!

Breakfast Recipes:

Lunch Recipes:

Allergy-friendly kitchen with Alex & Thea

Masterchef Canada 2017 finalist and allergy awareness advocate Thea VanHerwaarden teamed up with Canadian race car star Alex Tagliani in the Allergy-friendly kitchen to cook up an allergy-friendly feast. Thea, along with Registered Dietitian Linda Kirste, created a few allergy-friendly recipes that are delicious and nutritious. Download the recipes today!

Allergy-friendly green onion cakesGreen onion cakes

Now legendary and a super popular festival and street food, the green onion cake is said to have been introduced to Edmontonians by restauranteur Sui To who immigrated to Canada from Northern China. They’re irresistible as a snack or as a meal accompaniment.

Allergy-friendly sushiSushi

Inspired by west coast culinary fusion, this sushi calls for chicken instead of fish. Let your creativity loose for inspiring additional filling ideas.*

Download this recipe!
Watch Alex and Thea make this recipe

*If you have a mustard allergy, check with your allergist before eating other seeds or plants in the Brassicaceae family, like wasabi.
Allergy-friendly tacosChicken tacos with mango salsa and chickpea avocado crema

These chicken tacos will have any guest asking for more. A pop of spice from the chicken is cooled down perfectly with a creamy chickpea and avocado crema. Serve with a side of tradition­al black beans and you have yourself a Mexican fiesta.

Substitutions for priority food allergens

Check out this chart on substitutes for the priority food allergens defined by Health Canada along with some recipe ideas. The substitutes are divided into those that are similar nutritionally and those that serve a similar function in cooking, baking and meal planning.

Click on the image to download the substitutions chart.

Disclaimer: The above table of substitutions does not replace a nutrition assessment and individualized nutrition care plan. See your registered dietitian, medical doctor or nurse practitioner for health advice.

Allergy-friendly recipes from Linda Kirste, RD

Linda Kirste is a Registered Dietitian and has provided multiple recipes that inspire creativity in the kitchen while substituting priority allergens. See her tips on how to set up a healthy diet for kids with food allergies, including three suggested recipes for breakfast, snacks, lunch or dinner.

Recipes from the community

Video series with food blogger Amanda Orlando

Discover Amanda’s recipes, tips for avoiding cross-contamination in the kitchen, and extending the life of your food.

Harvest vegetable and wild rice one pan meal
Avoiding cross-contamination during self-isolation
Banana bread, pandemic chat, and extending the life of your food

Adults with allergies

Our adults bloggers have also shared their favourite recipes. Note that some of these recipes may contain priority allergens. Please use Linda’s substitution chart and check all ingredient lists to ensure this recipe is safe for you.

Recipes from Nestle Canada

Check out these spooky recipes from the team at Nestlé Canada using your favourite peanut-free Halloween mini-bars.

Please always read the food label to ensure that all ingredients are free from your allergen. The recipes below are peanut-free, however, please adapt the recipes as needed to make it allergy friendly for you.

AERO Vanilla Pudding Graveyard Dip
KIT KAT Witch’s Broomstick
SMARTIES Cookie Cauldrons with Witch’s Brew