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Caring for a child with food allergy: A guide on what you need to know

Share the guide with grandparents, babysitters, coaches, and others who provide care for children with food allergy.

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The guide provides easy-to-understand information that’s essential for managing food allergy and anaphylaxis. It’s very visual, making it easy to follow along and understand even if English is not the primary language.

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You’ll find these sections:

  • Understand it. – you can complete information about what a child is allergic to (their food allergens)
  • Prevent it. – learn ways to minimize the risks of a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis)
  • Know it – recognize the signs and symptoms of a reaction
  • Treat it. – know how to treat a reaction if it happens

Plus, there are FAQs covering common questions about food allergy and anaphylaxis, and more! Download now!

Quick Facts
  • The Understand it. section on page 2 has a fillable form. You can download the guide, fill in page 2, and save your information OR print a copy and add your information by hand.
  • If you are using page 2 as a fillable form, remember to download and save the file first before entering information. Do not complete the form within your browser as your information will not be saved.